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Why PIM?

What Makes Us Unique?

PIM is unique because our exclusive focus is on you and the quality education you provide. As a recognized leader for jointly provided continuing education activities, we focus exclusively on partnering with organizations like yours that are seeking a true collaborative partner to add value to the processing of your accreditation requirements. You're never an afterthought to our own educational efforts; your success is our success.

Our recognized dedication to excellence will directly benefit you. Not only does partnering with us align your organization with one of the most trusted and respected providers in the industry, but the guidance and expertise of our medical educators can significantly increase the impact of your efforts. All this adds up to you having greater access to funding and increased recognition for quality education among grantors and healthcare professionals.

Your activity certification shouldn't just be a frustrating necessity - it should be a powerful tool that advances your organization and your educational efforts. Choosing to partner with PIM can help make that a reality.