What to Know About Financial Disclosure for Accredited Education

What do faculty and education planners need to know about the ACCME changes in 2022 and what does my team need to do to be in compliance with the updated guidelines? It is important to remember to disclosure all financial relationships within the last 24 months so the accredited provider can determine if there is any relevant financial relationship. Anyone that owns stock and/or equity in an ineligible entity, and any owner or employee of an ineligible entity will be excluded from participating in the accredited education unless one of three exceptions can apply. The three exceptions to keep in mind is if one of the following criteria would be met according to ACCME Standard 3.2 :

  1. When the content of the activity is not related to the business lines or products of their employer/company.
  2. When the content is limited to basic science research, such as pre-clinical research and drug discovery, or the methodologies of research and they do not make any care recommendations.
  3. When they are participating as technicians to teach safe and proper use of medical devices, and do not recommend whether or when a device is used.

If you have any questions about the updated guidelines, please reach out to the PIM team to discuss these requirements and how we can help you plan your next accredited activity.

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