The 4 Seasons of Meeting Planning: What You Need to Know about Accreditation Timelines

The accreditation process is smooth sailing for most education planners. Until it isn't. Any number of roadblocks and pitfalls can come up in the planning process, including faculty conflicts, issues with marketing materials, and ensuring that vendors and others associated with the meeting comply with the rules of accreditation.

When issues arise related to accreditation, identifying and addressing them early is the key to a successful meeting. This article outlines the 12 months of meeting planning from an accreditation perspective.

10-12 Months from Launch:

  • Engage the accreditor via joint providership agreement (JPA)
  • Confirm that venue supports compliance with the rules of accreditation
  • Kick-off call with planners, faculty, and accreditor
  • Develop the grant, if pursuing commercial support

7-9 Months from Launch:

  • Submit a financial disclosure for each faculty, presenter, or planner for accreditor’s review
  • Submit the grant requests for each potential supporter in partnership with the accreditor
  • Complete a Planning Document for accreditation through joint providership
  • Have the accreditor review the grant proposal, if applicable

4-6 Months from Launch:

  • Finalize the agenda and speakers for the meeting
  • Conduct faculty training and provide content development guidance
  • Complete and submit the grant requests

1-3 Months from Launch:

  • Receive and review content, including slides, videos, posters, or publications
  • Review grant support; submit rescopes to supporters, if needed
  • Nudge accreditor to schedule any marketing tactics, if applicable
  • Build and test the credit claiming system

By working with an accreditor that understands the importance of meeting timelines, education planners are more likely to be successful in their provider education endeavors.

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