Postgraduate Institute for Medicine Reaccredited by Joint Accreditation

The Postgraduate Institute for Medicine (PIM) is thrilled to announce its successful reaccreditation through Joint Accreditation for Interprofessional Continuing Education™. This prestigious recognition reaffirms PIM's commitment to providing high-quality, interprofessional education for healthcare professionals.

PIM underwent a comprehensive review process to achieve reaccreditation, demonstrating its dedication to meeting rigorous standards in education. This accreditation underscores PIM's ability to deliver education that fosters collaboration among healthcare professionals, promoting team-based, patient-centered care.

"We are honored to receive reaccreditation through Joint Accreditation, highlighting our ongoing commitment to advancing the knowledge and skills of healthcare professionals," said Whitney Faler, Director of Accreditation and Outcomes at PIM. "This accomplishment reflects our dedication to providing education that aligns with the highest standards and promotes collaborative, patient-centered care."

Joint Accreditation emphasizes the importance of interprofessional continuing education to enhance patient outcomes and improve healthcare delivery. PIM's reaccreditation signifies its role as a leader in the field, providing healthcare professionals with innovative and evidence-based education.

PIM remains focused on delivering exceptional educational programs that address the evolving needs of healthcare professionals across various disciplines. The reaccreditation through Joint Accreditation positions PIM as a trusted resource for continuing education, fostering a culture of continuous learning and improvement in the healthcare community.

Questions about the Postgraduate Institute for Medicine and its accredited programs? Please contact [email protected]