Highlights of Our Work

Improving healthcare access and delivery in the U.S. is one of the most critical concerns for our society. The summary below is a selection of the great work we do with our 250+ partners in healthcare education. We are honored to be of service.

PIM Accredits 2,500+ Courses Each Year

PIM partners with 250+ organizations each year to develop and deliver approximately 2,500 accredited courses for healthcare professionals. Our partners include federally funded research/training groups, medical societies/associations, patient advocacy groups, hospitals, academic medical centers, medical education companies, and a range of other groups focused on clinician education.

PIM Partners to Make Care Safer

Our partners develop education supported by grants from the CDC, NIH, Department of Defense, AHRQ, and other government agencies to address issues such as hospital-acquired infections, care plans for transgender patients, special considerations for patients on Medicare and Medicaid, and the development of effective complex care plans.

PIM Helps to Keep Providers Current on Emerging Clinical Topics

PIM partners with many of the leading medical education and communication companies to deliver education on the latest clinical approaches to care using independent medical education grants from virtually all major pharmaceutical and device companies.

PIM Partners to Address Human Trafficking in the Healthcare Setting

So far in 2023 PIM has educated thousands of healthcare providers to identify and address suspected victims of human trafficking. We will expand this work in 2024 and beyond.

PIM Supports its Community of Learners to Identify and Overcome Bias in Healthcare

Whether breaking down barriers related to age, gender, language, race, disability, geography, or other factors, PIM designs education to level the playing field for patients of all backgrounds.

PIM’s Biostatistical Team Demonstrates the Impact of Our Partner Education

From the identification of practice gaps to designing education to close those gaps, our Outcomes Team helps our partners demonstrate the impact of their educational programming.

PIM’s Offers Platform and Technical Support to our Education Partners

Through our learning management system, CME University, PIM brings the excellent education developed by our partners to life in a user-friendly and highly accessible learning environment.

PIM Markets Education to Our Community of Engaged Clinician Learners

PIM supports its education partners with outreach to our large clinician database, which includes all healthcare professions and specialties. These efforts help our education partners reach their target audience of clinician learners.

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